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19 November 2014

Bugle tour starts on rain-soaked note


6 June 2014

Coco and his supporters raise another £10,000 for Care for Casualties!

At the end of a long, hard trek from the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle to Redford Barracks, Edinburgh, Paul Cocoran, late Light Infantry and indefatigable supporter of the Regiment’s Care for Casualties appeal, made a presentation to 3 Rifles.  With this fundraising venture Paul, aka Coco, along with his fabulous  RAT PACK have raised over £10,000 for The Rifles.  The Rat Pack were comprised of Anthony Ferguson, Anthony Garrity, Paul Rush, Garry Brown, Stephen Brennan, John Wilson, Steven Lamb, Jack Lamb, Julian Allen, John Swift, Barry Dixon, Malcolm Heslop, Graham Wood, Graham Pape, Tommy Carter, Gary Richards, Wayne Scanlan.  Coco will be taking his well-travelled wheelie bin to the Light Infantry Reunion …… Lightbulbs, BEWARE!  He hasn’t finished collecting yet!!  Thank you to all of them!!

22 May 2014

Dorchester’s Drummer Hodge Raises Support!

The audience at performances of the recent Dorchester Community Play Drummer Hodge were encouraged to ‘give what you can to support our soldiers, who must survive on the paltry sum of one shilling a day’ during the performance of the music hall song ‘The Absent Minded Beggar’.  The poem was written by Rudyard Kipling as part of a Daily Mail appeal to raise funds to support troops fighting in the ‘South African War’, and was set to music by Arthur Sullivan, at the time it raised over £250,000.

During the rousing chorus of Pay, Pay, Pay!  Dorchester’s generous audience dropped £360 into the collecting buckets.  This is being donated to Help for Heroes and the less well-known appeal by The Rifles, Care for Casualties, which supports families of the bereaved and injured servicemen from the regiment – The Rifles now incorporates the Dorset Regiment featured in Drummer Hodge.
A further amount of £100 is being donated to Care for Casualties from the fund raising event ‘Never Forget’ organised by Lucy Allen at Herrison Ballroom in March.

Private Vickery (played by Anthony Atkin) of the Dorset Regiment who was awarded the Victoria Cross is pictured handing over a cheque to Major John Eldridge, Rifles, who also took part in the play.  His military background was put to great use in drilling the soldiers and training Joe Parsons for his role as Will Hodge, the drummer boy.

13 March 2014

Chepstow Race Day raises over £22,000

The money has nearly finished coming in and incredibly, Jennie and Nigel Humphrey’s supreme efforts in arranging another Rifles’ Race Day at Chepstow Races last month have raised over £22,000.  The Waterloo Band got the party atmosphere going and The Rifles were out in force celebrating and raising money.

General Sir Nick Carter KCB CBE DSO presented The Rifles Cup to the winner of The Rifles Race and others present included our first Colonel Commandant, General Sir Nick Parker KCB CBE along with his wife, Beccy as well as many other former Riflemen.  As the saying goes, “once a Rifleman always a Rifleman”, and this commitment to the Regiment was in evidence with all the ties representing many of our antecedent regiments.  Our thanks go to them and also to all those from 1 Rifles who supported the day despite their Flood Defence duties and a Battalion exercise which started at midnight that same night.  Most of all, however, our thanks go to Jennie and Nigel, who with this year’s Race Day and that of 2012, have raised over £38,000 for The Rifles’ Care for Casualties Appeal.  AMAZING!


13 March 2014

Louise Bates raises another £440 for Care for Casualties

Captain Louise Bates, photographed here with her children just after completing the race, has raised more money for Care for Casualties through sponsorship when she took part in the John Austin Half Marathon last week.  Louise has been a consistent supporter of Care for Casualties, raising money through various events and urging others to do the same.

Thanks Louise, we are so grateful!


6 March 2014

Song Release in Memory of Rifleman Liam Maughan written by family Friend Lewis Turgoose

Press release by Lewis:

Another Lonely Road

The song 'Another Lonely Road' was written by myself many years previous to the band forming as a close friend of the family Rifleman Liam Maughan of 3rd Battalion The Rifles tragically died whilst serving in Afghanistan. I suppose nobody really knew how to deal with the news when we found out and that's what this song is about. I wrote it as a way of venting all of my own thoughts on the situation and it reflects the way in which it's a constant struggle once you lose somebody close to you. I feel that this song tells a story, not of my feelings but of those felt by his family. One can only imagine how much it has effected and changed their life and how they had to come to terms with the realisation that it had happened, which is why I constantly chose to use the image of being alone throughout the song. The chorus tells a tale that I think everybody who knew Liam can relate to after the event, I know myself personally fora very longtime always had him in the back of my mind no matter what I was doing. But I drew upon a very specific moment after talking to my mother, who works with his father. We were talking of all the stories that his father would tell us and the things Liam used to do. That night whilst I was trying to get to sleep I physically couldn't sleep and every time I tried I started thinking about him. It's these moments that truly make you realise how cruel this world can be and that "Dreams are made for sleeping". I don't think anybody will ever get over the untimely death of Liam and this song is my way of keeping him close to all of our hearts.

The decision was made to release it as a charity single in which all profits go to the charity 'Care for Casualties' as they helped his mother and father battle through the pain and grieving they were going through. Care for Casualties still continue to do great work to everybody in service and the families of who have fallen, making them in my eyes a very worthy cause.


All proceeds wil l be coming to Care for Casualties

Download today:



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4 February 2014

When her youngest son joined the Rifles, Vandy Massey set herself a challenge. . . to paint and sell 1,000 watercolour images, with all the proceeds going to the charity Care for Casualties. Six months and 335 paintings later, it’s safe to say the local artist has been rather busy. LYDIA FALLON finds out more.

Read more:

3 February 2014

Taunton Dean Male Voice Choir and International Soprano, Mary Morgan joined forces with The Salamanca Band and Bugles, 6th Battalion The Rifles, based at Wyvern Barracks, Exeter, for a concert at St Mary Magdalene Church, Taunton last November, raising over £4,000 for Care for Casualties.

The Regiment is especially grateful to Steven Reed, former Padre of 6 Rifles and member of The Taunton Dean Male Voice Choir for getting such a wonderfully successful evening off the ground, but also immensely grateful to everyone else who was involved for giving up their time and talents to raise such a sum and thereby help us to continue to support our casualties.  The evening was compered by the BBC’s Clinton Rogers and supported by Mayor Libby Lisgo who praised the organisers for providing a night of musical excellence and commented that support for the military remains hugely strong in the town.  During the evening Colour Sergeant Martin Wills, himself local to Taunton, concluded 41 years of service with military bands and was heartily applauded by the audience.  He has received both the Lord Lieutenant’s Award for Meritorious Service and an award from The Rifles’ Colonel in Chief, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, for services to the Regiment. 

Clinton Rogers said, “What an evening! The Church was packed and the audience certainly weren’t disappointed.  It was a truly stirring night of entertainment.”  And Steven Reed who is the publicity officer for the Taunton Dean Male Voice Choir stated that “the Choir had never before shared a stage with a military band in its 67 year history and we shall not be waiting that long again for a repeat opportunity”.  The retiring collection alone amounted to over £1,200.

Care for Casualties are continuing to strive to support all Rifles’ casualties from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  Having lost over 60 Riflemen Killed in Action whilst serving on Operations over the last 7 years and with many, many others now suffering due to injuries sustained there is much being done to help sustain and enhance the lives of those individuals whose lives have changed irrevocably as a result of our Regimental Service in Iraq and Afghanistan in particular.  We know that without support such as this we could not continue to do what we are now doing to fulfil our desire to function effectively as a Regimental Family.

4th December 2013

Sjt Mark Holloway, having been injured in Afghanistan whilst serving with 5 RILFES, enters…

The World’s Toughest Mudder. 

Mark tells his story:  With less than 3 weeks’ notice I was off, on my way to take part in the biggest and hardest endurance adventure race it the world: World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24 hour obstacle course consisting of a 5 mile circuit with 22 obstacles tightly packed in.

The day before the event I checked in at the race venue, Raceway Park, New Jersey, USA. I got my race bib, timing chip and I set up my tent. The pit tent is where I would come in between laps to refuel and administer myself if required. I had no intentions of sleeping or resting here, and I didn’t! The atmosphere was electric, there were people from all over the world and it was very well organised; I was totally in awe.

D-Day:  After a hearty breakfast of essentially anything that wasn’t bolted down, I set off to Raceway Park. Although it had been dry all week it rained heavily on the morning of the race; it was as if the Tough Mudder team had ordered it!  I arrived at Raceway Park with plenty of time to spare so I headed over to my tent and started to prepare myself for the event, by organising my running kit, wetsuits, food etc.

At around 0930 we were all called forward to the start line, after a lot of American “hooo-raaaas”, some motivational banter and a safety brief we set off on our first lap. There were approximately 1,200 participants at this point; the atmosphere was intense. It was very hard not to get excited and race off; many did. As my time on the course progressed I found it necessary to add more layers, going from compression leggings and vest to adding kayaking top, then later a 3mm wetsuit; I exchanged my Rifles baseball cap for a warmer waterproof gortex hat only when it was really cold.

I made good progress on the course and survived fine on energy gels, Ella’s kitchen baby food purees and pitted dates. I ate something regardless every 45 minutes. I used a camel back from lap 5 to finish to stay hydrated and in between laps I drank around a litre of Gatorade.

Everything was going fine, and it was all very enjoyable for the most part until it got dark and cold. That’s when it got Tough.  Having the correct equipment and being a seasoned Rifleman got me through. I was on the course for around 12 hours before I started to noticeably fatigue; my grip started to fade and I had to stop running; I speed marched the rest of the way. I had already done a marathon at this point and my groin was getting increasingly tight. By this point also I decided to add a bit of variety to the mix so I thought I would take the penalties at some of the obstacles, this was all about survival and preservation of energy to me, I was also very wary of picking up an injury and getting medically withdrawn from the race.  So at the Everest obstacle (a 10ft ramp that you had to sprint up in order to get over) I decided to wade the lake. This was very hard, it was deeper than expected so I had to swim and it was also further than anticipated and extremely cold. It nearly had me. The water was that cold it made my legs cramp and hard to breathe. As soon I was out the other end I had no choice other than to run again to warm up, I headed for my pit tent as soon as I completed that lap. I was cold, on the brink of a cold injury; so I quickly scrambled into my tent and put on another 3mm wetsuit, this made a big difference. After a swig of Gatorade and some baby food I was off again. Each lap was always fun and different; I met a variety of people: ultra-marathon runners, Iron man tri-athletes, allsorts. There was plenty of entertainment on the course. There were a lot of people that didn’t prepare and suffered with chaffing from the wetsuit, which led to a lot of “John Wayne” tribute acts striding around on the course, I wasn’t one of them.

Other than the obstacles, in the silent hours you had to pass a medical after each lap, this was a case of putting my poker face on and baffling the doc and medics with some good old British humour as they were looking at me. There were also a lot of people coming off with injuries: broken ribs, dislocated shoulders and cold injuries. One guy even got knocked unconscious after falling from an obstacle. The medics treated over 150 participants, and around 20-30% didn’t complete the course.

I did a very respectful 60 miles in the 24 hour period; I was placed in the top 10% coming 113th overall. It was a painful but enjoyable experience but the real pain came after the event when I cooled down. My legs, knees and ankles we so swollen and sore I could hardly walk, however I had no time for resting at the hotel as I had to wash and dry all my kit so I would make the weight on my flight back.
It was an amazing experience and I hope to go again next year, and with more training under my belt I expect to place a lot higher.

As a result of the event I raised £1293.00 for Care for Casualties. I have also been approached by Help for Heroes and Tough Mudder UK regarding some volunteer ambassadorial work, as Tough Mudder supports Help for Heroes they would like to use me as a face to link the two. A good result from a few short hours of work!

26th November 2013

School makes songwriter’s musical dream come true and help raise money for Care for Casualties

A song written by an east Kent woman and sung by a Dover schoolgirl could be featured in commemorations to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War next year.

Vida Ivatt wrote the words and composed the tune for Soldier, Soldier, about a young soldier who receives a letter from his girlfriend while serving in Flanders.

But with no musical background, she could not write the notes down. So she recorded herself singing it, and sent it to the Duke of York’s Royal Military School to ask if its musical director would listen to it.............

Read the rest of the story on KentOnline >

29th July 2013

Lanhydrock Golf Club Charity Golf Day Raises Thousands for C4C and TRBL

Cheques being presented at The Keep in Bodmin to Brigadier Gage Williams, The County Colonel of The Rifles and Annie Binding, Community Fundraiser for The Royal British Legion.

Clare and Graham Bond, owners of Lanhydrock Golf Club organised a fantastic Charity Golf Day in support of Care for Casualties and also The Royal British Legion towards the end of June.  Their motivation was very personal as their son son, Oliver, aka Bondi, was injured himself whilst serving with 3 Rifles in Afghanistan and the family were keen to raise funds to help support other injured servicemen.

The day raised in excess of £5,000 which was split between the two charities and the Bond family have said hat they are keen to make this an annual event.  Our thanks go to them as well as the staff and members of the Club who worked so hard to make such a wonderful success of the day.

Gage Williams and Annie Binding together with Clare and Graham Bond.


29th July 2013

Kristopher Morgan and his team conquer the Tough Mudder

As Kris Morgan said himself, "there are two ways you can do Tough Mudder, the easy way, walking, or the hard way, attacking everyobstacle over the 12 mile course", and yes, you guessed it, Kris and his gang did it the hard way.  The team of 9 which included Kris, Kevin Morgan, Jamie Hoff, Adele Kidd, Darrel Eslwood, Billy Robinson, David Harding, Phil Llewellyn and Lee Brizell, were pushed to beyond their limits, and despite having trained hard down on the beach in the Bournemouth area (see picture below) nothing prepared them fro the 10,000 volt electric shocks the had to contend with on the day.  As well as getting through this ultimate endurance test, these brilliant guys have raised around £1,500 to help us support our casualties!  THANK YOU ALL!!

17th July 2013

Coco, Sgt Paul Cocoran continues with his extreme version of fundraising....

Middlesborough Transporter Bridge...waiting to be conquered for The Rifles...

0:930hrs on Sunday, 30th June saw Coco Cocoran scaling the heights of the iconic Transporter Bridge in Middlesborough.  His aim was to draw more peoples' attention to Care for Casualties.  As well as raising The Rifles' C4C banner at the top so that all passing traffic got the message, Coco also took his now famous wheelie bin and raised a few more quid in support of his never ending efforts to support our wounded, their families who are supporting them, and the bereaved.  

Coco is now planning another hair raising fundraiser with his RAT (Rifles Awareness Team) Pack:  The Tyne Bridge to Edinburgh..... WATCH THIS SPACE!!

If would like to support please go to their JustGiving page:

16th July 2013 - Simon Booth-Mason's visits the shed he helped to fund...

Rfn Matt Fisher and his daughter with Simon Booth-Mason outside Matt's shed.

Simon wrote, "In 2012 Rfn Matt Fisher made an application to Care for Casualties / The Joanne Booth-Mason Memorial Fund for financial help in constructing a workshop shed for joinery/carpentry which he wanted to be built in his back garden in Chertsey, Surrey.  On behalf of Joanne's Fund I was more than happy to assist Matt who had been injured whilst serving in Afghanistan and was now about to leave the Army.  For all of us leaving the Army is a tricky time but with an injury and a wife and young daughter to support, Matt needs all the encouragement and backing that we can give him.  

Matt had been in the "wood business" with his father before he joined The Rifles, so I knew that joinery was not just a passing interest; he had qualifications and experience in the field, and the loss of his foot due to gunshot wounds suffered on Boxing Day in 2009 had returned his focus to this past experience.   Matt had also been my brilliant guest speaker at my first musical fundraisers both this year and in 2012, which together raised over £25,000 for Care for Casualties, via the fund I set up in memory of my wife, Joanne.  

On a sunny day in early June I went to visit the end-result of Matt's application.  I was welcomed by Matt, Maria and their gorgeous little daughter and shown around workshop.  The shed was a special construction which cost just under £9,000 - the costs of which were covered by C4C/Joanne's Fund, Help for Heroes and The Soldiers' Charity.  It is fully insulated, built to a high specification and has electrical power and all the equipment which Matt himself has provided.  

At the time of my visit Matt was making a guitar, which was extremely impressive.  I also saw a cabinet which he made for their bathroom and he has plans for making a duck house (but Matt promised me that unlike certain other public servants he wont be charging the tax payer through his expenses!)

Below are some photographs I took during the visit to record the excellent work that C4C are doing to "look after our own very special Riflemen."  Matt and his family are extremely grateful for all the support he has received and the Regiment can be rightly proud of its benevolent work in this area too."

On behalf of The Rifles, Care for Casualties are really grateful to Simon for his continued support which enables us to maintain our support for our injured Riflemen and their families as well as our bereaved.


Matt in his shed.....

5th July, 2013

Raising Money and Awareness by conquering the Three Peaks, whilst cycling from Lands' End to John O'Groats

"Yes, we have finally done it!"  These were the words of Nick Bryan, as he and two others completed the epic task they had set themselves - cycling from John O'Groats to Land's End and climbing the three tallest peaks along the way: Mount Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis.  All in all, over 1,100 miles in 14 days.  Not bad for an ex Light Infantryman!

The weather was not exactly in their favour for most of the trip with 130mph winds on the way down Ben Nevis which literally blew them off their feet, and head winds of between 35 and 70 mph, two buckled wheels, rain and sleet.  Nick reported that they met some fantastic people and saw some really beautiful countryside - an amazing challenge and GREAT FUN!  

As the adventure came to an end the sun was shining and the wind was light which made a change.  These three wonderful men have raised over £4,000 for Care for Casualties, MacMillan Cancer Support and the Dystonia Society.

Arriving at the finish line 10am, 4th June 2013

Setting off from Land's End 21st May 2013 and climbing a few mountains along the way..

At the top of Mount Snowdon...

At the top of Scafell Pike ... and...

At the top of Ben Nevis!

1st June, 2013

Anna and Olivia Chesterman honour their brother, Andrew, by following in his footsteps and competing in the Edinburgh Marathon.

Anna and Olivia inspired over 50 friends and colleagues of their brother, Lt Andrew Chesterman who was tragically killed whilst serving in Afghanistan last summer, to join them in support of Care for Casualties, running the Edinburgh Marathon.  Andrew was their inspiration every step of the way as they followed in his footsteps.  Andrew had completed the epic run two years ago when stationed in Edinburgh early on in his service with 3 Rifles.  Team Chesterman was formed and a target of raising £10,000 in memory was set shortly after Andrew's death but as their idea grew and others were inspired to join them, the Chesterman sisters have exceeded it by some margin.  To date over £13,000 has been raised through this group effort and the money is still coming in. Andrew's memory has been truly honoured by his sisters and The Rifles is extremely grateful to them. 

13 May, 2013

Devizes to Westminster Canoe – Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

Care for Casualties had two crews supporting us on this epic canoe / kayak race.  Captains Richard Huish and Max Goldsmith were one crew and the other, Sjt Danny Spender along with Barry Welch.  Both did incredibly well and as well as these photos, you might like to read their stories:

For Danny it was an extraordinary feat.  Having been very seriously wounded, losing both his legs, in August 2011 the thought of him carrying his canoe through the portages as well as engaging in such an extreme event was incredible.

Read his story here and also see an extended version with more photos on the News page of The Bugle website (

Read Danny, Rich & Max's Story here >

8 May, 2013

Mowden Hall School raises over £2,700 for Care for Casualties.

Lt Gen Robin Brims CB CBE DSO visited Mowden Hall School, Newton, Stocksfield, Northumberland, on behalf of The Rifles to collect a cheque and thank the pupils for raising an incredible sum of money for the Care for Casualties appeal.  Thank you too, Mowden Hall.  We are very, very grateful!

10 April, 2013

On Easter Sunday, 31st March, Coco (Sgt (retd) Paul Cocoran) spent the day from 8:30am til 4:30pm running up and down The Abbey Steps at Whitby with a wheelie bin on his back raising money for Care for Casualties and raising awareness about the appeal.  Coco set a target of £3,000 which, with the help of other ex-Light Infantrymen from the Leeds Branch of the Association as well as his current CO at RAF Fylingdales, he has pretty much achieved.  This is yet another of Coco’s ventures in support of Care for Casualties.  He is one of our most imaginative and consistent supporters and definitely Second to None as well as Swift and Bold.  Thank you, Coco!

6 March, 2013

We are very grateful to The Original Factory Shop in Chepstow who last year raised over £228 for Rifles’ Casualties

5 March, 2013

Captain Louise Bates (Southampton University OTC) completed the John Austin Half Marathon in the New Forest in 2 hours 5 minutes and raised over £500 for Care for Casualties.  This was in addition to the £1,000, the annual charity donation Louise pointed in the direction of Care for Casualties from The Hampshire Stragglers Golf Club.  Louise, thank you so much!

22 February, 2013

The Hampshire Stragglers

On Friday evening, 22nd February, Phil Green, Director of Sport Solent at Southampton University and a member of The Hampshire Stragglers’ Golf Club, presented Captain Louise Bates of Southampton University OTC, with a cheque for £1000 for Care for Casualties.  This extremely generous donation came from The Hampshire Stragglers after they heard from Louise about the work of The Rifles in supporting our casualties.

We are extremely grateful to the Club and also to Louise for their thoughtfulness and generosity. 

10 December, 2012

Pride of Reading Armed Forces award

Helena Tym recives the Pride of Reading Armed Forces award. Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher, Helena's son, was killed in Afganistan in 2009.

07 December, 2012

4 Rifles help Santa Claus abseil down the Balfron Tower

On the evening of Wednesday, 5th December, a team from 4 Rifles went to help Santa Claus abseil down the Balfron Tower, Tower Hamlets, London.  Staff Sergeant Ady Durrands led the team in support of the evening of entertainment, crafts, food and prizes and in return came away with a cheque for £10,000 for Care for Casualties.  A truly amazing effort - thank you for all concerned, particularly Chris Cheshire, Kevin Wright,SSgt Durrand and Sjt Benton who received the cheque on behalf of The Rifles.

07 December, 2012

Wydean School, Sedbury, Chepstow raise £500 for Care for Casualites.

On the 6 Nov 12 Wydean School, Sedbury, Chepstow presented a cheque of £500 to C4C to 1 Rifles. WO2 Ian Evans (CSM HQ Coy) and Sjt Dave Stanton (Unit Welfare Senior NCO) collected it on behalf of the Regiment. Prior to the the presentation the school held an assembly and disscussed Rememberance Day, how not only are those from the First and Second World Wars remembered and honoured by us, but also the fallen from recent conflicts. Some of the children at the school had made wreaths which were laid at the front of the assembly following which a moment of silence was held. A Care for Casualties video clip was then shown to the children with a brief explanation of what C4C does to support our injured Riflemen and their families. A cheque was then presented by a couple of the children.

27 November, 2012

Mark and Jamie Holloway raised £2,469.50 by taking part earlier this month in the Tough Mudder, a 12 mile assault course designed by UK Special Forces.  They finished with distinction.  This was both a physical and a mental challenge for anyone but for Mark, seriously injured in December 2011 by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), it was at the extreme end of challenging.  His radial artery in hisright forearm was severed leaving some permanent damage, muscle loss and nerve damage.  Despite this, Mark and his brother, Jam, decided they wanted to do something to help others, and they chose to support Care for Casualties to this end, having been provided with essential kit for rehabilitation at Headley Court – sports kit, shorts and T shirts.  C4C has also funded a place for Mark on the Military Mentors’Internship where he had several training weeks which coveredmentoring, motivation and interviewing techniques as well as coping strategies.  He has since workedin schools with troubled and mis-guided youths which has led to Mark not only giving back already but also gaining qualifications and, as he says, “some invaluable life experiences”.  Mark says that his recovery to date is as near to full as it will ever be – he has some restriction of movement, loss of strength and permanent hearing damage..  We say, well done to Mark for what he has achieved and thank you to him, Jam and their supporters for supporting other Rifles casualties.


07 November, 2012

The Nicholson Lecture raises £1,600 for C4C
Maperton, 15th September 2012

On Saturday 15th September at Maperton, (a village near Wincanton, postcode BA9 8EJ, population 90) Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Wallace gave the inaugural Nicholson Lecture on “Brigadier Claude Nicholson & the Defence of Calais, May 1940”.

Brigadier Claude Nicholson, late 16/5th The Queen’s Royal Lancers, was one of the brightest soldiering prospects of his generation and a keen horseman, who spent many happy days at Maperton House before he was despatched to command the garrison at Calais in 1940: after an heroic battle against overwhelming odds, the port fell and Nicholson was captured.  He died in a prisoner-of-war camp in Germany in 1943: the memorial to him in the church was erected before the back-dated award of a C.B. had been gazetted.

The garrison at Calais included one battalion each of Queen Victoria’s Rifles, The Rifle Brigade and The King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

The capacity audience in Maperton Church included members of the Nicholson family and people whose husband or father had been taken prisoner.  In an illustrated address, General Wallace described Claude Nicholson’s Army career, his connection with Maperton and his role in the Siege of Calais: he also explained the relevance of Calais to The Rifles, and described the contemporary role of Care for Casualties.

The Lecture, sponsored by The King’s Arms at Charlton Horethorne and Meridian Capital Ltd. of Taunton, raised a total of £3,200 net of overheads, to be divided equally between Maperton Church and Care for Casualties.

The Nicholson Lecture will be delivered annually in memory of Brigadier Nicholson by a serving or retired member of our armed forces: the proceeds will be divided equally between St. Peter & St. Paul’s Church, Maperton and the speaker’s regimental, corps or Service charity.

The 2013 Nicholson Lecture will be given on 3rd August at Maperton: for details contact James Scott on 07966.17.17.23 or on 0207.242.7000 at Ambrose Appelbe, Solicitors in Lincoln’s Inn.

16 October, 2012

Care for Casualties Herefordshire Fundraising Committee hit their target and more....
Over £110,000 raised for Care for Casualties


“TARGET OF £100,000 MORE THAN ACHIEVED” says Lieutenant General Sir John Foley KCB OBE MC DL

Last January, former Rifleman Lieutenant General Sir John Foley KCB OBE MC DL, who lives near Hereford, launched a ‘Call to Help’ seeking sponsorship, donations and auction items from business and people across the region to raise much-needed funds for The Rifles’ Care for Casualties Appeal.  The Rifles Herefordshire County Colonel, Major (retd) James Hereford, along with Sir John and other former Riflemen Simon Dereham, Roger Ker and Christopher Cornell came together with other wonderful supporters including the naval husband of a descendant of General Sir John Moore, Elizabeth Hunter, to form a committee which worked together to plan and organise a Gala Evening at Homme House, Ledbury by kind permission of Captain and Mrs John Finnegan.  The evening took place on Saturday, 1st September. 

Sir John said:   “When we launched our appeal at the start of the year, £100,000 seemed to be a major amount but as soon as we set to work we found everyone to be so supportive and really keen to help this vital charity.  There are so many people to thank and not least those who made some extraordinarily generous donations.  Our auctions, which boasted some incredible Lots, were a runaway success, raising a significant amount of money. The Dynamic Giving auction achieved the purchase of wheelchairs and much-needed holidays   In all, we are all very proud to have raised more than £115,000, with money still coming in.”

The Rifles’ County Colonel,  James Hereford , in thanking General Sir John Foley, Chairman of the organising committee said:  "I am stunned by the outstanding generosity shown, and on behalf of The Rifles I thank you all "

Committee Members, photograph taken at their final meeting: (left to right)

Edward Harford
Paula Snow
Ray Hunter
Roger Ker
Laura Hone
Sir John Foley (Chairman)
Susanna McFarlane
Simon Dereham
James Hereford (Secretary)
Becca Maciejewska

Not in photograph:   Christopher Cornell (ex Rifleman and auctioneer extraordinaire)
                                                The Countess of Darnley (Patron)

15 October, 2012

Wellington School CCF supported three Forces Charities during National Cadet Charity week last week, raising in total over £1,000 for Forces Charities.  Of this they donated £500 to our Care for Casualties appeal, money they had raised by ironing, washing cars, cleaning, holding a shooting competition and also had the staff completing in “STRICTLY COME MARCHING”.

Thank you so much, guys, for your continued support and for making us laugh!

12 October, 2012

2012 Challange

Roger Morgan-Grenville, ex Green Jacket, founding member of Help for Heroes and now mentor and fervent supporter of Care for Casualties, set himself a challenge at the start of the year.  The 2012 Challenge.  When he set out to complete it, the brief he gave himself was to run 2012 Kilometres during 2012.  This became2012 Miles rather than Kilometres and he is now on 1440 Miles (2300 Kilometres).  The money he has been raising is being split between Care for Casualties and Kidney Cancer (UK), another charity close to Roger’s heart since a friend of his died of the disease.

11 October, 2012

Cheque Presentation at The Light Infantry Association Dinner –
Shrewsbury, 6th October

Stan Wilkinson presented a cheque for £2,500 for Care for Casualties to Becca Maciejewska at the Shropshire Branch of the Light Infantry Association dinner, held at the Shrewsbury Town Football Club on Saturday, 6th October.  Stan had raised the funds through various means but mainly through sponsorship for taking part in The Great North Run.  Despite his time in The Light Infantry some years ago, Stan, now aged 60, had to train hard for the event and lost weight in the process..  He came 248th in his age group and, in his words, proved that “there is still life in us old Light Infantrymen yet.”  Presenting the cheque in front of 94 of his fellow Light Infantrymen, some of whom had served in Korea, as well as their wives, the Regional Regimental Secretary, Major (retd) Nigel Jones, and County Colonel, Lt Col (retd) Nick Jenkins, Stan was really warmly applauded as he urged others to, like him, raise money to help The Rifles casualties of today.  We are so grateful to all our forebears and veterans and their wives and families who have done so much to support our Riflemen in need today. 

25 September, 2012

Ralph Arundell takes part in the London Triathlon.....

The beginning

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):

Yes I completed it.  In a time of 2 hrs 55mins, with which I am actually very pleased.  Yes the weather was as bad as it looked.  Yes I can walk this morning and feel oddly, remarkably lacking in stiffness but a tad weary.  For those who sponsored me, very many thanks, we raised around £1000 for Care for Casualties.


The journey out to ExCel was uneventful despite being pulled over by the Old Bill somewhere out East, when I told him he was a ‘f**king pleb’ he understood that just like Andrew Mitchell I meant it in a playful, joshing ‘we’re all chums here’ sort of way and warmly sent us on our journey.   Mr Branson not satisfied with having relieved us of 90 notes each for the privilege of participating in his little hop, skip, jump event then took us for another 10 notes for parking – ‘my what a fine fellow that Mr Branson is’ remarked the girlfriend.

After having jostled our way into the world’s largest transition hanger and found somewhere to store bikes set out bike shoes, towels, trainers and all the usual triathlon paraphernalia; gels, bike helmets, run number belts etc it was time for the last nervous pee and into the wetsuits and shuffle to the swim brief and start area.

There were shades of being hustled into showers somewhere in Eastern Poland in the early 40s as we were moved into the water, all 500 of us for Wave 12, the Mixed Olympic Distance lemmings – ‘My that’s fresh’ quoth the little nest of vipers as she reappeared from under the water having jumped off the dock.
Needless to say once the klaxon sounded the human otter was off like a black streak through the murky depths, leaving me floundering and not to see her again until 7km into the bike.

I think I’d prefer to delete the swim from my memory banks, but the combination of an Easterly headwind straight on the nose, the bracing freshness of Royal Victoria Dock, an air temperature of about 12C and 500 fellow idiots thrashing about made for an ‘emotional’ and choppy experience.  Though it was not as bloody as it might have been in terms of people swimming over each other and it was quite gentlemanly barring the exit from the swim where a little elbow jabbing was required to keep some space.

Feet numbed by the fresh water, it was jog with wetsuit now off and bagged to the bike (top tip was writing the lane number on the back of both hands to remember where the bike was amongst around 1500 others) time for a quick feet dry, into the bike shoes and jog to the bike exit and mount up.

The bike leg was like a wet day at the Monaco Grand Prix; carnage, with riders piling in off bends and various Ambulances collecting broken carcasses from around the course.

Gosh I thought to myself what a great way to spend £90 on a Sunday afternoon as the fresh rain bounced off my face and the feeling disappeared from my extremities, my mind wandered ‘Fan Dance in Brecon in February, London Triathlon in September?’  - it was a tough call on the ‘which is more miserable’ list!

In off the bike to transition past another 3 bike pile up. One person being attended by Paramedics and looking a little untidy as the stretcher came out and then it was ditch bike, another gel and off for the 4 lap 10km run – how numb can ones feet get? Answer, very – it was a good 5km in before I could feel any toes at all and about 7km before full feeling returned. I exited to start the run reckoning I was on for sub 3 hours if I could just keep a steady pace on the run and not blow up. I’d pushed it out very hard on the bike to compensate for my shockingly poor swimming, although did clock a PB for the mile swim - 34 minutes BUT people let’s keep this in perspective, there was a woman at one stage in the last quarter mile who overhauled me doing breaststroke – I was doing front crawl!!

The run was just a dig in and keep moving, ‘her indoors’ was sitting about 12 minutes behind me at the start of the run but gradually as we kept passing each other on the various laps she was hauling me in – all I can say is, if she ever gets to grips with the bike I am going to get my not insubstantial butt handed to me in a sling.

And then it was all over, ten minutes after I had slumped across the line, in trots ‘she who knows best’!  How pleased were we to find our £90 got us some great giveaway freebies –  a medal, a golf towel, a bottle of water and an energy drink – I think Virgin are taking the p***!

Cold, stiff, achy, you bet we were. Neither of us had the faintest interest in looking round the Worlds Largest Tri Expo alongside the event – funny old thing that!!

Would I do it again? Olympic Distance, yes I would, London Triathlon, no!


Ralph Arundell and Jo Bright

14 September, 2012

Help The Heroes Fun Day, Lanzarote, 18th August

Karen Atwell, Rifles Mum, was the main impetus behind the second Help The Heroes Fun Day held at Puerto Carmen, Lanzarote on 18th August.  Almost  €18,000 was raised to help British Servicemen and Servicewomen who had suffered life-changing injuries, a large percentage of which is coming to Care for Casualties.  As Karen said:

“Anyone that was at the Help The Heroes charity fun day on Saturday 18th August will know what a fantastic success the event was. The organizers are still busy working out the net figure but the soldiers counted the takings for the actual day and the day grossed €17,723.82, a truly amazing amount. By the time you are reading this a set of accounts will be at the Lanzarote Gazette office showing the final net figure.

What makes the event so special is that many of us do not have the spare cash we had two years ago. The organizers are just overwhelmed with people’s generosity, from a lady who paid in 10 Euros to the charity bank account to the cleaning lady at the villa where the soldiers stayed who donated her wages. It just shows how kind some people can be, whatever the amount given or donated helped make up this fantastic total.

There are far too many people to individually thank, 58 volunteers in total but some that must have a mention. Firstly to Chrissy Looker who arranged and coordinated the entertainment side, the fantastic musicians who without them there would not have been an event and Colourworks who so generously donated all the printing and advertising materials. The local businesses that supported the Logo on the Lorry fund raiser and the Gazette that helped with the advertising. Tad and Mark who worked so hard with the setting up and then had to work all day and night in the Beer Tent and on the Bouncy Castle. Amber and Jean in charge of the food and the voucher tent staff who nearly melted. A special thank you to the Ayuntamiento de Tías for providing the venue, stage, lighting and sound.

The biggest thank you must go the all the ex pats who turned up on the day and created such a fantastic atmosphere and spent their hard earned cash!!! Thank you one and all.”

17 September, 2012

The Armed Forces Rally Team standing beside the radio Car at The World Rally Championships in Wales last weekend. 

This second photo shows the winner of the Welsh Championship, Jari-Matti Latvala  who made a special point of stopping his car to give to Care for Casualties despite being mobbed by the crowd and photographers.  Leeds Branch RJG Association member, John Bradford has been using his motoring connections to raise the profile and collect money on behalf of Care for Casualties.  He will be marshalling again at the Aston Martin Owners Club Sprint Event at Curborough next weekend, raising the profile again.

14 September, 2012

Our thanks to all who took part in the Shotokan Karate at Eastleigh on 9th September.  Ex Green Jacket, Nigel Hosking organised a fantastic day which raised around £700 for Care for Casualties.

13 September, 2012

On Sat and Sun 23-24 June 2012 Henry Hughes (ex 2RGJ / 4 Rifles) ran the Hadrian’s Wall Ultra-Marathon in aid of Care for Casualties raising £1,000. The event started in Carlisle and ended in Newcastle, covering 69 miles in 2 days. Henry finished 96th from a field of 250 in a time of 15 hours 19 minutes.

07 September, 2012

Getting The Message Out There...

Micky Miles Secretary of The Leeds Branch tells how Branch member, John Bradford is spreading the word.  On Sunday, 19th August The Aston Martin Owners Club held a fundraising day in Surrey.  The nominated charities were H4H and Combat Stress, but John used it as an opportunity to tell people what The Rifles are doing and as a result The Aston Martin Owners Club have decided that they will be supporting Care for Casualties as well at future fundraising events.  This weekend John will be at The World Rally Championships in Wales acting as a Marshall and again, flying the flag for Care for Casualties.  We are very grateful to both these organisations for supporting casualties both directly through us but also through their support of the more widely known charities, Combat Stress and Help for Heroes who between them earned £80,000 from The AMOC Fundraising Day in August.  Just by putting a bucket out they raised over £150 for C4C!  Fantastic!

07 September, 2012

Ideas for fundraising and a big thank you to Iain and Steph Reay:

The County Arms, Winchester chose the Care for Casualties as our local charity and over the last twelve months we have raised £3010.  We have had Raffle's, Race nights, BBQ's, The Infamous  Royal Green Jackets Legends Christmas Dinner and of course the Charity Jar (swear jar), all finished off with our big Auction & raffle on Friday 10th August. The Charity Auction, included the following kindly donated items:- Framed Royal Green Jacket embroider badge ,3 Hour Tank Driving Experience, Signed Aston Villa football shirt,Signed drumhead from Plan B, A full Day's Pamper session for two at the Norton Manor Hotel, Gecko hair salon free cut & blow-dry, O'Neill's free dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine & a weekend for 2 at any Old English Inn.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated prizes, attended our events & given to the jar!!

It has been a honour raising money for such a worthy cause,

Iain and Steph.

07 September, 2012

Kayleigh Mcnichol is part of the Mcnichol family who have been supporting the Care for Casualties fundraising in Darlington for sometime now.  Kayleigh raised over £100 for C4C when she completed the Darlington 10K run on 12th August.  Thank you, Kayleigh!

12 August, 2012

Lieutenant Andrew Robert Chesterman killed in Afghanistan

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must announce the death of Lieutenant Andrew Robert Chesterman of the 3rd Battalion The Rifles, who died as a result of wounds sustained by enemy action in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand Province on 9 August 2012.

21 June, 2012

Headington Detachment, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire ACF, raised £3,000 for Care for Casualties by doing 2 bag packs at Sainsburys, Heyford Hill. Thanks so much

14 June, 2012

Company Serjeant Major Dean Villis, 1 Rifles, received a cheque this week from The Lydney and District Angling Club.  The club raised £225 for our casualties through a competition which was really well supported by local anglers.

See the article about the day in The Forest Review

13 June, 2012

POLE-DA-CISE RAISE £4,000 for The Rifles’ Regimental Care for Casualties Appeal!

The wonderful ladies of Pole-da-Cise, Wiltshire’s award winning fitness pole dancing school, raised just over £4,000 in support of The Rifles over the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend.  They were overwhelmed by the support they received for the event from local businesses and community members who donated raffle prizes and supported Pole da Cise as they raised money to help The Rifles to support their casualties.

Lisa Henderson along with Gina, Sam, Tracy, Charlotte, Cat and Shelly all worked incredibly hard to put together a show that delighted everyone and included not only members of the club who gave their time and raised a lot of money personally through sponsorship, but also special guests, Just So Dance, Fran Fox and the Salamanda Belly Dancers.  Capt Matt Darby, the Unit Welfare Officer of 1 Rifles and previously Regimental Serjeant Major of 2 Rifles and  who represented Care for Casualties on the night, said that it was an uplifting experience which he will never forget!

8 June, 2012

Our thoughts are with the family of the Bee Gees star Robin Gibb who lost his battle with cancer earlier this week.  We are so grateful for the support Robin gave to our Care for Casualties appeal.

25 May, 2012

Riflemen succeed in the Tough Mudder Challenge

Earlier this month, Shaun Barber and friends from his days as a Green Jacket took part in the gruelling Tough Mudder challenge.

They completed the course in Swift and Bold style raising a good sum of money for the Riflemen today – Caring for our Casualties.

Once a Rifleman, always a Rifleman!  Thank you, Shaun!

16 May, 2012

Guy Harris, now living in Holland, raises another £1,500 for Care for Casualties

In spite of the forecast for wind and rain, we only got wind on Sunday 29th April, for the Powerman European Championships in Horst!  Together with Adam Walton, my friend and colleague, I had an early start to make the 0730hrs opening of the race office.

Following orthodoxy, I'd 'carbo-loaded' for a couple of days in advance, which meant eating around 2 tonnes of pasta and rice, to get as much glycogen into the muscles as possible, for endurance.  It also means that you store more water, so I was around 7kg above my fighting weight by the time I set out.  

Ironically, although I'm a keen cyclist, my €3k Giant Advanced road racer was outclassed by the specialized triathlon bikes on show from the other participants, all of which seemed to be €10k+ machines, ridden by amazingly fit-looking blokes, the size of well-trained whippets!

<Read full story here>

11 May, 2012

Five soldiers from 34 Sqn RAF Regiment, RAF Leeming complete the Cleveland Way in support of Care for Casualties

SAC Mark Fletcher inspired four of his colleagues, Cpl Dan Best, L Cpl Thomas Gill, L Cpl Alex Walton and SAC Matthew Barnes to help him support Care for Casualties after he met a Rifleman who needed his assistance on Helvellyn.  As they chatted he heard about Care for Casualties and decided that he would do what he could to help us support our casualties.  This is a remarkable story of the selflessness of men whose allegiance was not to The Rifles but decided to support their fellow soldiers in need.  On 30th April the five of them set off from Helmsley to walk the 110 miles, each carrying an average of 55lbs.  They arrived at Filey 5 days later having walked for a total of 39 hours.  Our thanks goes to these five selfless and determined young men and also to their friends and family as well as 34 Sqn RAF Squadron, RAF Leeming who supported them.

9 May, 2012


Every year Marlborough College sets its Lower 6th students a fundraising challenge and Care for Casualties was this year’s chosen charity.  Following a presentation by Rebecca Maciejewska the C4C Fundraising Coordinator, Captain Robin White who had recently been wounded whilst serving on operations in Afghanistan with 2 Rifles and Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Mike Smith the Regimental Casualty Officer each student was given £10 and asked to use it to raise as much as possible by the end of term.  Three enterprising individuals used the Morris House Parent’s Day to sell a delicious array of cakes on behalf of C4C raising £130 to support our injured Riflemen and their families and so our thanks go to Sophie Payne, Sophie Bunting and Jess Leach for their great initiative and hard work.  We will be publishing further updates on the School’s fundraising activities over the next few months.

9 May, 2012

Berkshire Golfers raise £45K for our soldiers

ABF The Soldiers Charity and The Rifles’  ‘Care for Casualties’ Appeal are better off to the tune of £45,000 following a golf day held at The Berkshire Golf Club on Bank Holiday Monday. The brainchild of a team of retired officers of the Royal Green Jackets Regiment (one of the regiments merged to form The Rifles in 2007) who are members of the club, the day began with eighteen teams of four teeing off to tackle the Red course. Each team was aided by serving Afghanistan veterans, all keen golfers, from regiments including the Grenadier Guards, the Irish Guards, the Royal Engineers, the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the Rifles who later had the opportunity to play the renowned Red course. Lance Corporal Scott Blaney of the Grenadier Guards, who lost a leg in Afghanistan in 2007 and has since not only returned to duty but completed several gruelling physical challenges and was the first amputee Guardsman to stand on Queen’s duty at the Tower of London, put the event into clear perspective as he was introduced to The Berkshire’s Captain Martin Shuker. He said: “I’m the reason you’re here” and as Mr Shuker responded: “There couldn’t have been a better introduction.”

<Read Full Story>

1 May, 2012

The Undentable Trust

Captain Mark James Hale 2 Rifles, was tragically killed, aged 42, in Afghanistan on 13th August 2009.  Mark lived his dream and died doing the job he loved.  The Undentable Trust has been founded with the simple objective that Mark would want as his legacy:  To help whomever he could and to always give his best.

Mark’s brother Kevin founded the Trust which is now offering the use of a holiday home at the 5 Star resort of Rockley Park , Poole, Dorset.  The holiday home is available to all families who have lost a loved one whilst in service.  It is available for use by any direct family member including partners, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

If anyone is interested please follow the link which includes details on how to make a booking:

30 April, 2012

Guy Harris, completes the Dutch Powerman

Guy Harris, completed the Dutch Powerman, 15km run followed by a 60km cycle ride finished off by a 7.5km run.  Guy took part in the same race last year again in support of Care for Casualties, and this year despite being hit by the same calf problem that he had last year after 3km, Guy battled through the pain and finished in 4 hours 30 mins.  He is now suffering from the after effects and ligament problems but has nevertheless raised over £1,500 for C4C.  He tells me that he is planning on the Marathon des Sables next year!

25 April, 2012

Elena Kaltsas runs The London Marathon for Care for Casualties

Elena Kaltsas knew Lt Dan Clack well.  Dan lost his life whilst serving with 1Rifles in Afghanistan recently and  Elena ran the London Marathon in his memory, raising money for Care for Casualties.

 Elena completed the course in 3 hrs 53 mins raising over £3,500 but her on-line donation page is still open –  Thank you Elena!  Your are a superstar!

23 April, 2012

E Company, 7 Rifles fundraise for Care for Casualties

E company, 7 Rifles have had Care for Casualties on their mind.  This weekend 10 of them will be competing in the first ever Milton Keynes Marathon, all wearing Care for Casualties T shirts and all fundraising for their regimental appeal.  To build up to this, Captain Bill (Dutch) Holland, has been warming up for this along with Jackie Kellet, whose son has recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan with 5 Rifles, by taking part in the Milton Keynes Half Marathon.

Dutch carried a Fridge Freezer on his back and ran through the rain and the snow to complete the course in 3 hours 10 mins.  If that wasn’t enough, E Company have been raising awareness of the appeal by running on a tread mill outside the ASDA store in Bletchley for 4 hours each day, raising not only awareness but £2,159 for C4C.

20 April, 2012

Jay Garlant wears his medal after finishing the Reading Half Marathon earlier this month.

Jay is still collecting for C4C –


19 April, 2012

Coast to Coast in Pyjamas and carrying an Iron and an Ironing board

“I have done it!”  These were the words of Paul Cocoran, veteran Light Infantryman and continuous supporter of Care for Casualties.  Having walked the length of Hadrian’s Wall with a sink strapped to his back to raise money last year, sold eggs and honey in the interim, this year Paul, or Coco, decided to don his pyjamas and pick up his ironing board and walk the from Coast to Coast, from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay.  Coco’s target for the fundraising this time around is £5,000.  He raised over £1,000 on the walk from unsuspecting walkers and people he met in pubs.  C4C is extremely grateful to Coco and everyone who has helped and supported him.

<See how he described his finale>


29 March, 2012

1 Rifles Swift and Bold Raise over £159,000 for Care for Casualties.

1 Rifles and their incredibly generous community of families and supporters have raised just shy of £160,000 to help the Regiment with the care of its wounded, their families and the bereaved. We are incredibly grateful and in awe of such tenacity and generosity. To read the Battalion's thoughts on the subject click here

28 March, 2012

£84,000 raised for Service Charities in memory of soldier killed in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, 13th July 2010, Major James “Josh” Bowman, Commander of A Company, 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles, was killed along with two colleagues, Lt Neal Turkington and Cpl Arjun Purja Pun, whilst serving in Afghanistan.  He had led his company of about 100 soldiers through some of the toughest fighting experienced by his Battlegroup.

On Saturday, 18th June 2011, in memory of James, a four man team of friends and family, supported by ten others, Team Swift and Bold, completed the gruelling Race Across America to raise money for his favourite Service Charities charities, The Gurkha Welfare Trust, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and The Rifles’ Care for Casualties appeal.  This is a non-stop endurance cycle race, 3000miles from the West to East Coasts of America, starting in Oceanside, California and finishing 6 days, 4 hours and 36 mins later in Annapolis, Maryland.

Louisa Bowman, James’ sister, his brother David, both of whom were part of the cycling Swift and Bold Team, along with his mother and father, Barbara and John Bowman, other brother Brian as well as Army colleagues and friends of James who made up the support team for the ride, handed cheques totalling £84,000 to representatives from each of the three charities, all of whom are concerned with looking after and supporting casualties from the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, including the wounded, their families and the bereaved.

Louisa said, “The Race Across America really was an epic adventure in memory of James and I think the whole team would agree it surpassed all our expectations. It was an incredible journey, made even better by friends, family and strangers helping us to raise so much money for James' preferred military charities - The Soldier's Charity, The Gurkha Welfare Trust and Care for Casualties - all of whom do sterling work for our wounded soldiers and bereaved military families.”

General Sir Nick Parker KCB CBE ADC Gen, Commander of Land Forces and Colonel Commandant of The Rifles, Major Bowman’s former Regiment, said on Monday, 26th March as he received the cheque on behalf of The Rifles, “I am full of admiration for the Bowman family who, despite the terrible loss of James have turned their thoughts to others and raised a staggering amount of money which will be used to help our bereaved, our wounded and their families.  Swift and Bold is the regimental motto and this team have more than lived up to their name.  I hear that Team Swift and Bold won the Race Across America’s Lon Haldeman Award 2011 for the most charitable funds raised.  Our casualties are the real beneficiaries of this and we are extremely grateful.”

26 March, 2012

Rifles wife and girlfriend raise money for Care for Casualties

Laura and Grace, wife and girlfriend of Riflemen, have been raising money for Care for Casualties by taking part in the Carterton 10k run this weekend.


16 March, 2012

Everyone's a winner at Chepstow

Our thanks go to Nigel and Jennie Humphreys who organised a fantastic day for The Rifles at Chepstow Race Course late last month, making around £15,000 for the Care for Casualties Appeal.  Prizes were presented by Colour Sjt Danny Spender, 5 Rifles, General Sir Nick Parker KBC CBE ADC Gen, Lt Col James de Labilliere DSO* MBE, and Jennie Humphreys herself.  See pictures.  The sun shone, the food was fantastic and the Salamanca Band played magnificently.  People came from near and far to enjoy a day’s fun with the horses!

Thank you Nigel and Jennie.  We are so grateful.

2 March, 2012

The Royal Green Jackets Association

The London Branch for The Royal Green Jackets Association presented Rebecca Maciejewska with a cheque for £8,500 for the Regiment’s Care for Casualties Appeal at their annual Ladies’ Night Dinner which took place at the Victory Services Club, London on Saturday, 25th February.  They have been consistent supporters of the Regiment’s efforts to look after the wounded, bereaved and the families of the wounded and we are very grateful to them.  Once a Rifleman always a Rifleman!

27 Feb, 2012

Jack Moule

Jack Moule, currently ranked second in the world and the British Freestyle Jet Ski Champion tries out shooting with 4 Rifles at Somerley Park, Ringwood this weekend where the Rallye Sunseeker annual motor event was taking place.  He, along with Shelley Jory Leigh, British Powerboat Racing Champion, and Anya Colley, 7 times World Jet Ski Champion stopped off at the Rifles Shooting Range and showed their support for Care for Casualties.

22 Feb, 2012

Rifles Race Day at Chepstow extract:


Sandwiched between Sandown’s two more traditional military racedays, Chepstow, which is base to 1 Rifles, who have just returned from Afghanistan, hosts the Rifles Day on Saturday with all the proceeds from the card going to the regiment’s 'Care For Casualties’ appeal.

The Rifles are now the largest infantry regiment in the British Army, with two battalions in Afghanistan and two on standby. In the past few years they have had 60 soldiers killed in action and among their wounded are 29 amputees. The day has been put together by Jennie Humphreys, a long-time Chepstow steward and wife of a Rifleman.

<See events page for more>

21 Feb, 2012


Building on the success of previous years, Families' Activity Breaks (FAB) are returning in the summer of 2012 to offer bereaved military families fun and challenging activity-based holidays. If anyone is interested in taking advantage of this offer please either contact FAB directly or contact the Regimental Casualty Officer at

Read Articel on MOD.UK Site

01 Feb, 2012

Phil Wardle and Angela Ellis reach Everest Base camp, raising money for Care for Casualties

Phil, an ex-Gloster who was himself injured in action, and whose has family still continue in the family tradition of serving, and Angela decided to take on this amazing challenge and at the same time raise money for C4C.

The work and projects that Care for Casualties facilitates have a personal resonance for Phil. Rather fittingly, they arrived at Everest Base Camp on Remembrance Day, which was very poignant for them.  Phil distributed poppies amongst their international group of travellers and to their guide who was himself an ex Gurkha. Phil placed a poppy in the most prominent position at the camp as a mark of respect.  They raised a total of £1,343.54 which will help us to look after our casualties of today and we are extremely grateful.

25 Jan, 2012

Congratulations to Will Dixon and Carl Anstey

The Row2Recovery boat has just arrived in Barbados!

25 Jan, 2012

Christmas Wreaths raise funds for Care for Casualties

For the second year in a row Bob and Deb Simpson have raised a staggering amount for Care for Casualties £1,100, by making and selling Christmas Wreaths.  Bob and Deb are the parents of Rifleman Daniel Simpson who was killed whilst serving on operations in Afghanistan with 2 Rifles in July 2009.  Working up until the last minute they delivered all their wreaths on time helped by their great friend Madeleine and by WO2 Chris Saintey and Colour Serjeant Jamie Moncho CGC.

18 Jan, 2012

“A Soldier’s Tale, Tell me what it’s like”

Photos from Blackpool 006A song, “A Soldier’s Tale, Tell me what it’s like” by Teenage Chorus has been raising money for Care for Casualties.

To hear or download this great piece of music, please click on this link:

13 Jan, 2012

Bravo 22 Company

The Royal British Legion, in partnership with the Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust (Masterclass), the Army Recovery Capability and Royal Navy Recovery Pathway introduce The Bravo 22 Company.

The Bravo 22 Company is a project for wounded, injured and sick Service personnel, currently in recovery capability programmes, who have signed up to create, rehearse and perform a new play, The Two Worlds of Charlie F.

The play will be directed by Stephen Rayne, written by Owen Sheers and is produced for Masterclass by Alice Driver, under the artistic auspices of Trevor Nunn CBE and with the support of Ray Winstone as the company's ambassador.
There will be 2 performances of the show at 2.30pm and 6.30pm and tickets are available in advance from The Bravo 22 Company website:, with prices starting from £10.
Masterclass and The Royal British Legion will host a Gala Performance of The Two Worlds of Charlie F on 22 January 2011 at 6.30pm. A limited number of tickets for the gala evening including post-performance reception are available priced at £150. For more information or to book tickets contact Blayne George, 0207389 9660 or
The world premiere of a new play

created and performed by

wounded, injured and sick military Service personnel

Written by Owen Sheers (The Passion, Resistance), based on their experiences
Directed by Stephen Rayne (Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre)

For 2 performances only on Sunday 22 January 2012
at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
To book tickets and find out more visit

Ticket Prices

- Starts at: 2:30pm
Gallery - £10*
Upper Circle - £20/£15/£10**
Royal Circle - £35/£20/**/£10**
Stalls - £35/£20/£10 Access

Evening -
Starts at 6:30pm Gallery - £10*
Upper Circle - £25/£15/£10**
Royal Circle - £55/£25**/£10**
Stalls - £55***/£25/£10 Access

Exclusive Gala evening tickets available email

06 Jan, 2012

LCpl Martin Edwards

Photos from Blackpool 006LCpl Martin Edwards served with 1 LI, subsequently 5 Rifles, suffering severe injuries whilst serving in Iraq in 2006.  This very proud and courageous Rifleman is now a resident at Daniel Yorath House in Leeds but had not been on holiday since he was injured.

Care for Casualties funded a short break in Blackpool for Martin and his carers and he wrote a short diary which is attached.  Care for Casualties would like to thank all the staff at Daniel Yorath House, BLESMA and 15 Brigade Personnel Recovery Unit who made the trip possible.


06 Jan, 2012

Lieutenant Will Dixon and Rifleman Carl Anstey are closing on the finish line in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, the World's toughest rowing race.

Lieutenant Will Dixon 3 Rifles and Rifleman Carl Anstey 1 Rifles are competing in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge for the charity Row2Recovery.

The race from the Canary Islands to Barbados started before Christmas with 17 teams and already 5 have dropped out. The Row2Recovery team which comprises of four seriously wounded and two able bodied serving soldiers and veterans are currently in fourth position having had to contend with their de- salination equipment breaking down as well as the loss of their autohelm. Currently they have another 800 miles to go but need to rendezvous with their support ship to take on fresh water as their emergency supply is rapidly running out.

Will and Carl have been giving regular reports to ITN News and also Radio 5 Live and their progress can be followed on and . Everyone at Care for Casualties and RHQ Rifles send the team all their best wishes for the remainder of the challenge and a safe return home.

08 Dec, 2011


Ex Soldier Paul Cocoran (Coco) continues his fund raising efforts for Rifles Care 4 Casualties.

He has teamed up with Mal Wright (far left in the photo) whose Rural Watch covers 100 farmers in and around the area and with the kind permission from the Station Commander, they have arranged for suppliers of Eggs and Honey to have an Outlet for sales in the Police Reception with all items purchased, made as donations to Paul’s Charity.  Guardforce’s Bob (behind the desk in the photo) oversees the operation and has encouraged visitors to take part in the scheme, with some of the regular delivery drivers now only getting their eggs from RAF Fylingdales.  Coco is delighted with how well the scheme is running, “ we only started in September but have already been able to send a cheque for £200 and nearly have another £100 to be sent off”. Photo above shows Carillion’s Pete stocking up with eggs for his B & B in Whitby.

Go to work on an egg

John Rutherfoord was on a WW2 battlefield tour with an ex-KOYLI group in 1986, staying overnight with 2LI in Deilinghofen.  As the Bernkastel flowed during lunch, he threw down a challenge to march 100 miles in 24 hours wearing combat kit and battle order as the KOYLI reportedly did 50 years before, marching to annual camp.  The gauntlet was picked up, a magnificent silver rose bowl arrived as a prize and the game was on. NATO’s Sennelager ranges were closed for 48 hours as 24 marchers set off at dusk one April 1987 evening… 

Fame and fable take over, but in sum, Corporal Paul Cocoran completed 100 miles in 24 hours and 59 minutes.  Never one to be beaten - he was also a Combined Services boxing champion and Biathlon skier –  Coco completed the course in 23 hours 41 minutes in 1988, accompanied all the way by Lieutenant Richard Fullerton.  Now a 51 year old policeman at RAF Fylingdales, he pounds a lonely beat for Rifles C4C charities.

Although I fought off an APTC attempt to poach him, guilt remained.  Coco had lingering leg and hip injuries after his superhuman efforts.  Other marchers had been less fortunate, incurring more persistent disabilities.  So when he re-entered the long march scene recently, he deserved everyone’s support – especially mine - as he walked for Care for Casualties. And now, while resting between exhausting events, he sells thousands of free-range eggs from a farm on the Moors, with profit going to the Rifles’ C4C.   

He’s murmuring about a Coast to Coast 192 mile walk as his next project during his annual leave next Spring – a typically selfless Coco touch.  I have bought Ruth Cocoran enough eggs for her 2012 family needs.  This is insurance, not philanthropy.  Coco is going to need all the protein available and does not know how to spell cholesterol.  Besides adding nourishment, he will collect more ‘egg funds’ to add to the several hundred pounds he has already given.  Always a step ahead, taking up life’s challenges, inspiring us all to do more.  What can we give in 2012?  Let’s start by giving generously to this amazing man and his unflagging dedication towards Rifles C4C.  Watch out for further detail on Coco’s next grand solo plan.

2 Dec, 2011

The Royal Green Jacket Association London Branch held a fund raising evening for Care for Casualties

The evening was held at a secret location due to the presence of ex Rifleman Andy McNab!  Colonel Nick Kitson spoke about 3 Rifles’ recent tour in Afghanistan and Lt Col Mike Smith the Regimental Casualty Officer gave an update on C4C and how it was helping our casualties and their families.

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28 Nov, 2011

Rifleman Sheldon Lee Jordan Steel killed in Afghanistan

It is with sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Rifleman Sheldon Steel, from 5th Battalion The Rifles (5 RIFLES), was killed in Afghanistan on Sunday 27 November 2011.

27 Nov, 2011

The MAD Ball raises £90,000 for Care for Casualties

In July, a group of 14 friends put on a fundraising Ball to raise money for Help for Heroes and Care for Casualties.  They have raised £90,000 for The Rifles and last week our Regimental Casualty Officer, Lt Col Mike Smith, met them at the TA Centre of E Company, 7 Rifles, who supported their efforts, to receive a cheque on behalf of Care for Casualties.

Rupert Armitage, the MAD Ball committee chairman, handed the cheque over to Mike, who thanked them all for the huge effort they went to to help us support our wounded, bereaved and the families of the wounded.

Other committee members included: Sue Armitage, Nick and Jane Murrell, James and Jennie Armitage, Caroline Gates, Marc Smiddy, Mark Purnell, John Considine, Paul Nichols, Richard Beasley, Richard and Kate Roff.  THANK YOU ALL so much!

26 Nov, 2011

Heroes Haven holiday lodge, Swanage, designed for disabled ex-servicemen and women and supported by Care for Casualties, gets planning permission granted

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25 Nov, 2011

3 Rifles return from completing the Washington DC Marine Corps Marathon

Fourteen Riflemen from 3 Rifles, including 3 of their wounded, have recently returned from completing the Marine Corps Marathon, for the second year running.  Through it they have raised over £1,900 for Care for Casualties and the figure is still rising.  Lt Matt Bartlett tells the story of their trip and its benefits, for a team which included him, Captain Harrison, WO2 Thomas, Cpl McIntosh, Rfn York, Rfn Neville, Lt Bartlett, Rfn Dumaurier, Rfn Pawson, Rfn Hatchard-Liddle, LCpl Duffy, LCpl McDelling, Rfn Kotze, Cpl Beckett and Rfn Parkes.  As well as raising money for C4C, C4C are pleased to say that we helped towards the costs of our 3 wounded Riflemen who took part.

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22 Nov, 2011

Rifleman Matt Fisher recently tied the knot to Maria

Rifleman Matt Fisher recently tied the knot to Maria and then ran the New York Marathon during their honeymoon, raising over £1,600 for Care for Casualties.  Matt, who served with 3 Rifles during their last tour of Afghanistan, has had quite a year.  Having suffered gunshot wounds to his ankle during the 2010 tour he underwent an elective amputation of his foot this summer; his ambition was to get back to the level of fitness and activity that he enjoyed before suffering his injury.  If he hasn’t achieved that he must be well on the way. 

Congratulations to Matt and Maria.  We wish you many, many years of happy married life together and thank you for thinking of Care for Casualties at such a very special time!

18 Nov, 2011

Lance Corporal Peter Eustace killed in Afghanistan

It is with sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Lance Corporal Peter Eustace from 2nd Battalion The Rifles (2 RIFLES) was killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday 16 November 2011.

1 Nov, 2011

Friends and Family of Stephen Phillips raise money in his memory

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28 Oct, 2011

Beaverbrooks in Basingstoke Care for Casualties

The Basingstoke branch of the jewellers, Beaverbrooks, has been supporting Care for Casualties and presented Rebecca Maciejewska with a cheque from the Beaverbrooks Trust for £495 earlier this month.  This came about through Ben McHugh who works for the jewellers and whose wife’s cousin, Cpl Richard Green of 3 Rifles, lost his life whilst serving in Afghanistan last year.  We are so grateful for the support, especially as it comes in memory of one of our Riflemen.  Thank you so much!

14 Oct, 2011

We've a mountain to climb - Echo Article

A BASINGSTOKE soldier is part of a team attempting to set various world records by assisting amputee soldiers up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Lance Corporal Danny Hyland, from 7 Rifles, based in Reading, will help the six amputee soldiers reach the summit of the African mountain next February.

The 40-year-old will be raising money for Pilgrim Bandits, which supports forces’ amputees, and the Rifles’ own regimental charity, Care for Casualties.

Lance Cpl Hyland trains new soldiers at the Reading base but said he knows how hard it is when colleagues are injured, having previously fought in Afghanistan.

He added: “This is something to give back to those lads. It’s about looking out for each other. We’re there to assist in any way we can. That’s the British soldiers’ way – to look out for each other.

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12 Oct, 2011

Sadie Van Niekerk and friends

23rd October, Sadie Van Niekerk and friends, sponsored horse ride along the Derwent Valley Heritage Walk, County Durham, an eight hour ride.  With about 40 participants, including children, and organised by Sadie, Kevin Hall and Pauline Dodds.  Along with Sadie, riders such as Sam Tarr and Kimberley Gaden, Rfn Tom Gaden's stepdaughter, are coming from as far away as Taunton.  The ride is in memory of those who have died, such as Tom, and those who have been seriously injured, such as Sadie's husband Stephan, who continue to inspire us all.  Sadie also says that it is a thank you to C4C for the help and support of the regiment.  Together they are hoping to raise £2,000 for Care for Casualties.  Sadie will be carrying "The Baton" in memory of all our fallen.

11 Oct, 2011

Salisbury Half Marathon

Hume Jones, who served with The Royal Green Jackets, and Simon Bedford, still with The Rifles, both completed the Salisbury half marathon on Sunday, 9th October, in support of Care for Casualties.  Hume is now working with SERCO who put a team together and together they have raised over £2,000.  We are really grateful to both of them and to all at Serco who have been so supportive.  Thank you so much!

06 Oct, 2011

21st September Mayfair

On 21st September, Richard Miller from Halstock, brought together a gathering of Mayfair based people in a fundraising evening for Care for Casualties.  The evening included drinks, canapés, and five four minute talks as well as the first public viewing of the Care for Casualties video.  In all over £35,000 was raised which was incredible.  The evening was sponsored by Halstock, Africa Petroleum and RAB Capital.  Thank you to everyone involved, including our own cadets who worked magnificently to support the night.  For more information, read this.....

06 Oct, 2011

Wynyards Golf Club

Wynyards Golf Club raised £5100.00 in their Tournament arranged by Sandy Baxter (in blue) ex Cpl in 2LI  in the early 70's.  Major Chris Lawton (retd), Assistant Regimental Secretary based in our Durham office, accepted the cheque on behalf of Care for Casualties.  Thank you so much!

06 Oct, 2011

100km in 24 Hours!

Over the 12th and 13th August, Dave Dee, and who served with the Royal Green Jackets, marched over 100kms in the “Dodentocht”, “Death March” raising over £2,000 for Care for Casualties.  Read his account of the march!  Thank you, Dave.

100km_in_24_Hours, By Dave Dee

04 Oct, 2011

Cadets from Bedford School

We have been given the profits from a track called “Tell me what it’s like (A soldier’s tale)” by Teenage Chorus.  It can be downloaded from ITunes at:

It has been donated by a company called Enter CIC who owned the rights to it and have passed all the profits on to Care for Casualties.  Teenage Chorus are made up of Daniel Gregory, Danny Dixon, Bradley Johnson and Laura Hawkyard, with Jack Mylchreest on Guitar, James Robson on Bass Guitar and Andrew Robertshaw on Drums.

03 Oct, 2011

Cadets from Bedford School

This summer, two cadets from Bedford School, Alexander Trustram Eve and Ben Armstrong, raised over £600 for Care for Casualties, walking over 350 miles, from the furthest east point in England (Lowestoft), to the furthest west point in Wales (the coast near St David's). They wore army uniform and carried all the kit that they needed in an army Bergen, taking enough food until the half way point where they resupplied.

They were completely self sufficient and camped each night. Alexander and Ben raised over £1200 which they split between Army Benevolent Fund and Care For Casualties.

Thank you so much!!

25 Sep, 2011

Rifleman Paul Jacobs GM and Rifleman Michael Swain 500 mile fundraising bike ride

Paul Jacobs and Michael Swain (pic: Phil Harris)

Rifleman Paul Jacobs GM and Rifleman Michael Swain embarked on a 500 mile fundraising bike ride for SSAFA Forces Help on bikes provided by Care for Casualties.  Paul who was blinded in 2009 whilst serving with 2 Rifles will be riding a tandem bike with his brother Joe and Michael who lost both his legs whilst serving with 3 Rifles will be riding his hand bike.  Michael was a Physical Training Instructor before his injuries and last year Care for Casualties purchased him a bike so that he could improve his fitness.  Since then he has competed in a number of fund raising challenges including the Great North Run and the US Marine Corps Marathon in Washington raising money for the Regiment.  SSAFA provides amazing support Servicemen and their families and so the Rifles are only too happy to help them raise funds and we wish all the participants the very best of luck as they set off from Edinburgh Castle on the 21st September and arrived at London’s Horse Guards Parade on the 25th.

News Articles:

17 Aug, 2011

Thank you Bob McHenry

Bob McHenry, his son Paul and grandson Thomas are some of our most successful fundraisers and aided by a family friend Paul Brown they will back at Clacton Airshow on the 25th and 26th August raising money for Care for Casualties.  Bob served in the Kings Royal Rifles and even though he is now 85 years old he has never forgotten his old Regiment.  His son Paul says ‘doing his bit keeps my Dad young in mind and heart and gives him a sense of being’.  In addition to raising funds for us Bob has also been a member of the St John’s Ambulance for the past 26 years so helping others has always been part of his life.  Our photograph shows Bob fundraising outside his local Tesco in Colchester and all of us at Care for Casualties would like to thank him and his family for their marvellous support and wish them well as they continue to raise funds for our injured Riflemen.

15 Aug, 2011

Lieutenant Daniel John Clack killed in Afghanistan

It is with sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Lieutenant Daniel John Clack, from 1st Battalion The Rifles, was killed in Afghanistan on 12 August 2011.

MOD Site >

03 Aug, 2011


Care for Casualties has just bought a bespoke tricycle for the daughter of a fallen Rifleman who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.  Lucy lost her Dad two years ago whilst he was serving in Afghanistan leaving behind his wife and two young children.

The C4C Appeal was approached to help Lucy and so not only has it funded the purchase of this superb tricycle but it has also funded swimming and riding lessons which Lucy’s therapist recommended as part of her rehabilitation programme.

As you can see Lucy is enjoying her new found independence thanks to the generosity of all who support our Regimental Appeal.

03 Aug, 2011


Captain Edmund Addington was injured almost two years ago whilst serving with 2 Rifles in Afghanistan.  Keen not to waste his time knowing that he had many months of rehabilitation ahead of him Ed applied to study for a Masters Degree in Post War Recovery Studies at York University and applied to Care for Casualties for funding which was approved.

Ed is currently finalising his Dissertation at home whilst recovering from a recent operation but wanted to thank Care for Casualties for their support.  We all send Ed our best wishes as he continues his recovery and hope that he is able to put his newly acquired qualification to good use in the future.

27 July, 2011

Team Swift and Bold

Team Swift and Bold - Start of race Team Swift and Bold - Race Across America

Major James (Josh) Bowman was tragically killed in Afghanistan on 13th July last year.  This year, “Team Swift and Bold”, made up of serving friends of his as well as Josh’s sister Louisa, and brothers David and Brian, took part in the Race Across America last month raising over £70,000 for Care for Casualties, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and the Ghurkha Welfare Trust.  The team completed the race in a very competitive time of 6 days, 4 hours and 36 minutes which was a day and a half less than they had expected, and coming second in the Mixed 4 Man category, narrowly beaten by the Germans!  They finished ahead of many of the all male 4 man and 8 man teams which was really gratifying.  These photos show the Team at the start and finish of the race.  We are immensely proud to have supported them in their support for casualties as well as of them for their incredible endeavour.

For a bit more of an insight into their achievement you might like to visit their blogs:

25 July, 2011


All of us at Care for Casualties would like to congratulate Alex on his well deserved award.

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25 July, 2011


Ever since Bob and Debs Simpson lost their son Daniel in July 2009 whilst serving with 2 Rifles they have become prolific fund raisers for Care for Casualties.  Last Christmas they made and sold some beautiful Christmas Wreaths to raise money for our charity but that was only the start.  They have just held a Memorial Golf Day in memory of Daniel and have been busy packing Goody Boxes to be sent out to members of 1 Rifles who are currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Bob and his two sisters Janet and Angie plus Debs, and Ray the pub landlord, all mucked in to pack the boxes at the Cricketers Pub in Shirley near Croydon.  The boxes will provide great comfort to our brave Riflemen as they cope with the heat of an Afghan summer.  From all of us here at Care for Casualties Headquarters thank you very much for all you are doing to make life a little more bearable for our lads and for the money you have been raising for our Appeal.

25 July, 2011

Rifleman's brother and his girlfriend bungy jump for C4C

On the 14th of July Natalie Stewart Holt married Rifleman Josh Smith at Edinburgh Castle. Josh serves with 3 Rifles and they both now live in army quarters near Redford Infantry Barracks. Natalie is one of The Rifles Angels - a group of wives who raise money for Care for Casualties. As you can see, Natalie and Josh purchased C4C wristbands as favours for all their wedding guests. Natalie will also take part in The Rifles Angels Go Ape event on Saturday 23rd July and has raised an additional £615 in personal sponsorship.

25 July, 2011

"Help for Heroes Concert, 2nd and 3rd July, benefits Care for Casualties as well.

Coco Cocoran says that the show, which was in memory and honour of Cpl Lee Brownson of 3 Rifles, who was killed last year in Afghanistan, was outstanding and raised a few quid too.  Coco opened the Show on both nights with a brief talk about the Rifles' Baptism of fire and read out the list of Awards that the Regiment and Riflemen have been awarded, then his Poem, Reflect & Remember.

Major (retd) Blondy Lawton attended the opening show and they arranged for all the VIPs to meet in the Pub opposite the Theatre where food and drink was laid on.  The Mayor of Durham was in attendance and although it was billed as in aid of Help 4 Heroes Coco says that he reminded everyone that there is only one Infantry Regiment in Durham now and that is the Rifles and asked everyone to get behind them and donate to the Care for Casualties Appeal."

22 July, 2011

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Smith!

On the 14th of July Natalie Stewart Holt married Rifleman Josh Smith at Edinburgh Castle. Josh serves with 3 Rifles and they both now live in army quarters near Redford Infantry Barracks. Natalie is one of The Rifles Angels - a group of wives who raise money for Care for Casualties. As you can see, Natalie and Josh purchased C4C wristbands as favours for all their wedding guests. Natalie will also take part in The Rifles Angels Go Ape event on Saturday 23rd July and has raised an additional £615 in personal sponsorship.

20 July, 2011


Thanks to the generosity of customers over the last 9 months at a Dorset garden centre, a cheque for £1160 has been presented to the Rifles Regiment’s Care For Casualties Appeal.  The money, raised from the wishing well and events held at the Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown, will directly benefit service men and women and families thanks to the ring-fenced appeal within The Rifles Regimental Trust.

Appeal Coordinator Rebecca Maciejewska accepted the cheque from Haskins Customer Care Manager Brittany Chapman at the Rifles Museum at the Regimental headquarters in Winchester.

“We are so very grateful to everyone who made a donation and for the fantastic support offered by the team at Haskins,” said Rebecca Maciejewska.  “All money raised is spent on direct and indirect support and grants to help individuals, on recuperation breaks, funeral support and casualty packs for those who arrive back at hospital in the UK and for rehabilitation at Headley Court.”

The fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq has taken its toll on the Regiment.  57 Riflemen have been killed.  The numbers injured have also been high. Amongst the injuries there are now 27 amputees, including two who have taken the decision to have a lower limb amputation in order to improve their mobility.

“The appeal supports the adaptation of houses, adaptation of cars, driving lessons for amputees to give them independence or the provision of quad bikes in certain circumstances to provide mobility, also the funding of retraining and re-skilling and education.   We also fund marriage guidance counselling and approximately £40,000 has been spent on rehabilitation and recuperation breaks for our wounded and bereaved.  These give our casualties a sense of self-belief and optimism, the restorative benefits of which are incalculable. Importantly we support for the expenses of our Regimental Casualty Officer to allow him to better oversee the care of our casualties.”

19 July, 2011

Corporal Mark Anthony Palin killed in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Defence confirms that Corporal Mark Anthony Palin from 1st Battalion The Rifles was killed in Afghanistan on 18 July 2011.

MOD Site >

15 July, 2011

Dean Williams 21st Birthday


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13 July, 2011


Pictured: Mike Smith, Roger Hunt, Rebecca Maciejewska, Gordon Banks, LCpl Stephan Van Niekerk, Michelle Robbins (Sportech PLC)

Gordon Banks and Roger Hunt, members of England’s victorious 1966 World Cup team, handed over an incredibly generous cheque for £15,000 to the Care for Casualties Appeal at a recent lunch at the Rifles London Club.  Both Gordon and Roger are Brand Ambassadors for Sportech PLC who very kindly donated the cheque which was used to send some of our wounded Riflemen last year to S Africa where they did white water rafting and shark cage diving, and skiing in Colorado with a number of wounded US Servicemen.  Sportech PLC own a variety of brands including Littlewoods Pools and regularly support a number of good causes such as Football, Sport, the Arts and numerous charities.  We very much hope that our association with Sportech PLC will continue but in the meantime we cannot thank them enough for providing some of our wounded Riflemen the sporting challenge of a lifetime.

08 July, 2011

John Cohen's 197 MILE WALK raises over £700 for C4C

Walking Wainwright’s Coast-to- Coast route for the Rifles Regiment’s charities Care for Casualties campaign--85 miles completed in October 2010, and 110 miles on 12-19 May 2011.

John Cohen, who served in the 4th (Vol) Bn The Royal Green Jackets (now the Rifles Regiment) 1966-1977, followed Alfred Wainwright’s 192 mile Coast-to-Coast walk (and a bit more) to raise money for the Rifles Regiment’s charities Care for Casualties campaign. You could say he has done the C2C for C4C.
I walked the route in two stages, doing the eastern part (85 miles) in 5 days in October 2010, and completed the western part (110 miles) over 8 days in May 2011.  It was an unforgettable experience crossing so many different types of terrain in all sorts of weather, and meeting different people along the way.
I set out on 18 Oct last year on a bright day from the village of Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales carrying a rucksack with my essentials for the week, and reached Robin Hoods Bay on the North Sea coast in driving rain. The 85 mile route took me through the winding valley of the river Swale in the Yorkshire Dales, the picturesque Georgian town of Richmond, across the great flat farmland area of the Vale of Mowbray, and along the exhilarating switchback of the Cleveland escarpment. The wild remoteness of the North Yorkshire moors and the evidence of its industrial past was unforgettable. The Wain Stones towered dramatically above the ridgeline. Centuries old stone markers lined the heather upland route, and with ancient crosses they gave the place a special atmosphere.

Leaving Urra Moor, the route followed the track of an old railway built by the Victorians to extract ores from the moor, and across Danby and Glaisdale Moors into Glaisdale and Grosmont. It follows the river Esk which I crossed twice on stepping stones, and a third time through a ford. Consisting of random angular and slippery stones jutting up just clear of the fast flowing river, the ford was the biggest technical challenge of the week. I was thankful I had brought a walking pole with me for the first time as without it I would have certainly got a dunking.  

 The Esk Valley and Sleights and Low Moors dominated the last section of the route before it reached the North Sea, and followed the coast path for 4 miles to Robin Hoods Bay. The cliff top views were impressive in spite of the driving rain. As I sat down with a pint in the warmth of Wainwright's bar in the Bay Hotel I silently thanked AW for the enjoyment and challenge of the week, and thought of those who put themselves on the line day after day in Afghanistan, and now need our help.  I can't wait to do the rest.

Over 8 days in May 2011, I completed the remaining part, covering 110 miles over varied landscapes in (of course) varied weather.  From the coastal cliffs of St Bees Head looking out across the Irish Sea, up & down the high passes and peaks of the Lake District, across the Yorkshire Dales and high moorland of the Pennines, finally reaching Reeth, my starting point in October.  The routine on most days was continuous ascent (in parts very steep) for the first three or four hours, then up & down on the Lake District peak tops, then 2 -3 hour descents to habitation & bed. I did several peaks, including Red Pike, Hay Stacks (Alfred Wainwright's favourite peak where his ashes are scattered), Helm Crag & Kidsty Pike but not unfortunately Helvellyn as the cloud base came right down as I was climbing up and I wouldn't have seen a thing from the top, so I came back down.  Crossing the Pennines was a different experience altogether and I managed to avoid sinking waist deep in bog--only going in up to my knees. Travelling across large areas of boggy upland moors with no reference points made navigation tricky in places, and of course the weather was determined to make itself felt, as it blew hard and wet for several days.  But the sun did appear at the end, and the whole thing was a tremendous experience. I met several other walkers doing the same thing, and it was fun talking over the day when I met up with them by chance in the evenings.  As I was on my own, I didn't have to wait for the slowest member of the party, so was able to keep up a reasonably quick pace while still enjoying the surroundings despite my 30 lb rucksack. But clambering over steep wet rock going up & down had to be done quite carefully. My good friend Danny joined me for the last 2 days from Kirkby Stephen to Reeth which made it a great way to finish. Although I've been back a couple of weeks, my mind is still up there...

All of my supporters have been very generous and I predict I will have raised over £600 for The Rifles C4C.  Thank you all very much!

07 July, 2011

RUN for HEROES - Mike Buss Race Director

In 2010 I put together a 5km fun run in Lydiard Park which raised an estimated £11,000 for Help for Heroes, moving on myself and a group of friends have put together a monthly series of 5km runs supporting not only Help for Heroes but many other veterans' charities including Talking2Minds, Project 65, Veterans in Action and Care for Casualties.

Our next 5km runs for the rest of the year are as follows:

Sunday 31st July
Sunday 28th August
Sunday 25th September
Sunday 30th October
Sunday 27th November
Sunday 18th December

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05 July, 2011

Care for Casualties film at 4 Rifles

LCpl Tyler Christopher LCpl Stephan van Niekerk, Sadie van Niekerk and daughter Renee Rfn Chris Parkes

Thanks to the amazing generosity of BestBitsMedia Ltd who gave us day’s filming for free, Care for Casualties has been able to make a series of short 2 minute video clips and a longer 10 minute film to illustrate how the money it raises is actually spent.  4 Rifles very kindly allowed the team, which was led by Ed Watson an ex Rifleman, to film in the barracks and the result will be four short clips which you will soon be able to see on U tube and on this web site, plus a longer video which can be used for fund raising presentations. 

However the filming would not have been possible without the support of members of our Regimental family including Chris and Claire Green, father and step mother of Corporal Richard Green, LCpl Stephan van Niekerk and his wife Sadie, LCpl Tyler Christopher, LCpl James McKie CGC and Rfn Chris Parkes.  Their moving stories were truly humbling but the unanimous verdict was that the Rifles is a family and families look after their own and that is why we need to raise more funds to support this work.

05 July, 2011

3 Rifles at Headley Court

The Care for Casualties roving reporter caught three members of 3 Rifles engaged in a game of football at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court.

LCpl Ricky Hatton, Rfn Alex Swinhoe and Rfn Matt Fisher are all making amazing progress as they recover from their injuries sustained last year in Afghanistan but we do not think that Fabio Capello will be calling them quite yet!

05 July, 2011

Ex Rifleman John Loveday prepares for his first professional fight

John Loveday, ex 2 Rifles, is preparing for a second career as a professional boxer and Care for Casualties has given him financial assistance by funding his obligatory medical examination and his boxing kit.

John was injured in the same explosion that severely injured Rifleman Jack Otter and Jack will be sitting ringside for John’s first professional bout on 16th July at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

The fight will be shown live on SkySports and will be in front of an audience of 10,000.  We wish John all the very best and hope that as many Riflemen as possible will tune in on the night.

03 July, 2011

Charity Concert

our Assistant Regimental Secretary based in our Durham office, Major Chris Lawton  attended a Help for Heroes Charity Concert last Sunday, but as most of the work and assistance had come from ex LI SNCO's this office and Bugle Major Suggett it quickly became C4C as well.

He said that the production was brilliant, using the youth of the North East as well as some professional actors etc. It contained every emotion possible but was a good portrayal of the army and going on operations, it was dedicated in part to Cpl Lee Brownson CGC whose family were all present.

Sjt Coco Cocuran LI played a big part in the planning and preparation of the event and was instrumental in pushing The Rifles to the fore and getting them recognised as the North East's only Infantry Regiment in County Durham, as were The DLI and LI.

30 June, 2011

Fundraiser on Winchester High Street

The Mayor of Winchester’s charitable fundraising kicked off last weekend with a fundraiser on the High Street in Winchester, whereby coins were donated by the public and transposed into a picture of the C4C logo.  The local cadets helped for which a big thank you to Sarah Davies and her team.  Over £1000 was raised on the day!

21 June, 2011

End to End thank you

YES WE HAVE FINALLY DONE IT cycled from John O’ Groats to Lands End and climbed the three peaks, over 1100miles in 14 days.

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02 June, 2011

John Madejski wears his 1 RIFLES Swift and Bold Wristband with pride

Founder of the Auto Trader, Chairman of Reading FC, Chancellor of the University of Reading and Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire, as well as all round uber businessman, Sir John Madejski wears his 1 RIFLES Swift and Bold Wristband with pride. He is flanked by two lovelies (Claire and Karla) from Team Green at the Pride of Reading Awards. Team Green are the 22 determined souls who ran the Reading Half Marathon in the memory of Corporal Richard Green and in aid of Care for Casualties. Richard of 3rd Battalion The Rifles died as a result of small arms fire near Sangin in Helmand province during the morning of Tuesday 2 March 2010 during the 3 RIFLES BG tour and is missed by all.

02 June, 2011

Rifleman back in training after being shot

News article from Salisbury Journal

Picture: Rifleman Owens receives his medal from the Duchess of Cornwall

27 May, 2011

Recently elected Mayor of Winchester selects Care for Casualties as one of his chosen charities

The Mayor of Winchester traditionally leads an extensive programme of fundraising for local charities. The current Mayor, Cllr Barry Lipscomb, is keen to continue that tradition and is proud to introduce the three charities which will benefit from Mayoral fundraising in 2011- 2012:

This year's charities are:
Wessex Cancer Research Trust
Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
The Rifles Care for Casualties Appeal

More information

Letter from the Mayor - UPDATED

List of events 2011/12

27 May, 2011

Lackham College

This week, 25th, 26th and 27th May, potential recruits at Lackham College have been raising money to support Care for Casualties which they have chosen as their charity for the year.  They have been running, rowing and cycling for 48 hours with the target to reach 1000 miles.  Thank you!!!

18 May, 2011


Lt Will Dixon 3 Rifles and Rfn Carl Anstey 1 Rifles are currently training with the Row2Recovery team and hoping to be selected as part of a four man team to row the Atlantic later this year.  The team will consist of two able bodied rowers and two injured soldiers and Will and Carl both of whom were wounded on operations are hoping to secure a place on the boat.  More information on their progress and on the charity can be seen at


17 May, 2011


Robin Gibb was spotted in Peninsula Barracks filming for the TV show ‘Who do you think you are?’.  The singer from the Bee Gees kindly agreed to have his photo taken by the Rifles Paparazzi wearing one of our iconic  wristbands and by the end of the visit all the TV crew were similarly attired.  However it appears that Robin’s connection is with the Gurkhas and not the Rifles!

16 May, 2011

Polmont Young Offenders Institute

A team from 3 Rifles recently gave a talk to Polmont Young Offenders Institute (PYOI) in Edinburgh on life in Afghanistan during the Battalion’s tour in Helmand last year.  Throughout the tour the charity ‘Parcels for Troops’ sent out a large number of parcels to individuals in the Battalion many of which were packed by young offenders from Polmont and the Governor was keen for some feedback.  The Battalion was asked to come to the Institute and give a talk on daily life in theatre and show some of the equipment used.  Rfn Parkes who was wounded during the tour gave a short talk which was enthusiastically received.  An extract from a thank you letter from a member of the PYOI staff says it all:

There were 73 Young Offenders in attendance throughout the day, with no indiscipline.  Given that the regular attendance span of our clientele within prison is around 20mins, it was an achievement on your behalf to have them captivated for over an hour without disruption.  The initial feedback received this morning, has been “when are they coming back in”, with others commenting on how interesting and enjoyable your presentation was.
The 3 Rifles team also raised £400 through donations for Care for Casualties wristbands and are pictured above receiving the cheque.

Photo: Capt Harry Harrison receives a cheque from Kate Donegan, Governor of Polmont Young Offenders Institute.
L to R, Rfn Parkes, Kate Donegan, Capt Harry Harrison, LCpl Mitchell and Young Offender.


12 May, 2011

Mayor of Milton Keynes chooses Care for Casualties

Councillor Alan Richards on the evening of Tuesday 17 May 2011, was made Mayor of Milton Keynes, the new Mayor has selected “Care for Casualties” as one of his two nominated charities for the year whilst in his term of Mayorship for Milton keynes. We have many RIFLES soldiers both Regular and Territorial requireing the support of this regimental charity,now and in in the future in Milton Keynes explained Captain Holland PSAO E Coy 7 rifles at the Ceremony.


4 May, 2011

Jemma Marsh

On Sunday, 1st May, Jemma Marsh, completed The Great West Run – half marathon – in Exeter.  She is the sister, daughter and granddaughter of Riflemen and decided to get her running shoes back out of the cupboard to raise money for Care for Casualties.  Thank you, Jemma!  She raised over £770 for our casualties.  Fantastic!

27 April, 2011

LCpl Stephan Van Niekerk

LCpl Stephan Van Niekerk has continued to make a remarkable recovery from injuries sustained whilst serving with 3 Rifles in Afghanistan thanks to help from the Care for Casualties appeal.  His wife Sadie who used to train race horses in France now keeps two horses at their home near Taunton but following his injuries Stephan was unable to help with their upkeep.  Accompanying Sadie on hacks in the country was no longer possible and even walking across their paddock was difficult especially during winter.  C4C funded the purchase of a quad bike which has given Stephen much more mobility and independence and he is now able to muck out the horses, walk the dogs and enjoy the countryside.

Pictured on the quad bike is Stephan, Sadie and their daughter Renee.

March 28, 2011

Helmand Crawl

Ceri and Terry Williams undertook a world record breaking attempt at the longest crawl starting on Friday 25th March in Glastonbury.

Unfortunately it did not go as well as had been hoped although Ceri managed to crawl around the 25 metre circuit for four hours and forty five minutes, achieving a distance of 3Kms. She had to retire due to the blisters on her kneecaps following Terry whose right knee pad broke and without knee protection he sustained some rather nasty cuts. Nevertheless they are not daunted and are working out another plan!

Thank you so much to all the people of Glastonbury, including the Mayor, for their wonderful support and thank you to 6 Rifles who supported them throughout. Ceri and Terry gained lots of local press and media coverage for the appeal and raised a good sum of money for C4C.

25 March , 2011

Liam One Direction Showing his support

Liam Payne from the X Factor band, One Direction, proudly puts on the Care for Casualties wristband.

March 22, 2011

Team Green

Family and friends of Cpl Richard Green who was killed in Afghanistan on the 2nd March last year, have been fundraising in support of Care for Casualties again. Twenty two of them took part in the Reading Half Marathon last weekend in Richard’s memory and have so far raised over £6,400.  They are aiming for £7,000 so please do continue to support them via .  All of them finished well, although one took to a wheelchair with a bad knee...!

Back row:
James Hern, Linda Huckin, Marcus Hodge (The painter who was commissioned to paint the Sangin Picture for 3 Rifles - he was out in Sangin when Rich was killed!) Rhiannon Smith, Brad Harris, Simon Brimacombe, Victoria Blades, Kelly Jeanes, Glenn Mann, Bee Green, James McKie (Lance Corporal- in 3 Rifles with Rich, Conspicuous Gallentry Cross winner)Charlotte Foster, Emile Newman,Jo Iremonger, Graham Cole, Lucy Alder, Matt Cracknell, Jude Cresswell

Front Row:  
Kevin Martin, Claire Green, (Charlotte Green - Richard's little sister behind his picture) Karla Fox and Steve Jones

January 20, 2011

South Moreton Boxing Club

We were very pleased to welcome John Houston of South Moreton Boxing Club as well as Councillor Bernard Stone, Mayor of Wallingford, to the Regimental Headquarters of The Rifles in Winchester.  Simon Hill had introduced John to some of our Riflemen from 4 Rifles and having given them a few rounds in the Ring, John offered to host a Rumble and raise some money for our Care for Casualties Appeal.  He has had the unswerving support of the Mayor of Wallingford, whose father, incidentally served with the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, which went on to form part of The Royal Green Jackets and then The Rifles.  John has raised over £16,000 for the appeal and came to present the second instalment of this with his cheque for over £7,000 yesterday.  He and The Mayor also had a tour of The Green Jackets museum so that Bernard could learn something more of his father’s old regiment.  We are very grateful for their support and all the incredible efforts they have gone to to raise such a wonderful sum of money, as well as their interest in The Rifles.

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